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IDS – Industrial Drone Services is a tech startup based in Greece which offers a comprehensive suite of products and services for industrial applications. Our main focus is on providing state-of-the-art aerial inspection, counseling services and selling industrial-grade equipment to individual and corporate clients.

Industrial Drone Services specializes in thermal and visual inspections of Solar Panels and Wind Turbine Blades and we constantly works on expanding to more verticals. Our vision is to become the leader in the innovative use of cutting edge Drone hardware and software applications.

IDS team is committed to and driven by the delivery of the highest quality services. Our novel hardware and software technologies turn IDS services cost-effective, fast and safe for everyone and for the environment. IDS offers both its standard services and reports and provides custom-made solutions tailored to our client’s special needs.



Wind Turbine Inspection

Collecting high quality visual and thermal data and producing damage analysis reports

Solar Park

Solar Panel Inspection

Aerial thermography of solar panels according to international standards IEC 62426-2017 including damage analysis, construction monitoring and commissioning


Precision Agriculture

- coming soon -
Precision agriculture has been transformed by the use of drones, offering farmers advanced sensors and imaging technology for greater accuracy and efficiency



- coming soon -



Proud to welcome Siemens Gamesa as our new client

We are thrilled to announce our great new collaboration between Siemens Gamesa and IDS – Industrial Drone Services for the inspection of the WTG blades using drones. Our goal is to provide specialized services according to the most demanding international standards and keep our inspection quality to the highest level.   For more information you may reach us directly at

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