DJI Agras T10

DJI Agras T10

The ideal drone for small crops

With an 8-liter spray tank and a spray width of up to 5 meters, they allow the aircraft to cover up to 60 acres/hour.

The DJI Agras T10 is an easy-to-carry spraying drone aimed at young farmers with mainly small crops. The T10 is DJI’s lightest spray drone and folds up for easy portability.

  • Tank 8 Liters
  • 360 degree obstacle avoidance radar
  • Spray efficiency: 15 acres / hour
  • Spray width: 5 meters
  • Dual navigation camera
  • RTK Mode

Autonomous Functions for Easier Flights

The aircraft takes off with the push of a button.

Autonomous planning and automatic edge sweeping offer extensive spray coverage and effortless operation.

The T10 also comes optional with an RTK module with centimeter-precision positioning.

The new DJI Agriculture app enables a smoother system experience and more intuitive operation.

Precision Spraying, No Redundancy or Leakage

The Agras T10 features a four-nozzle design with an output rate of up to 2.4 liters per minute.

A dual-channel solenoid flowmeter controls the nozzles for even spraying and precise volume control, critical for pesticide spraying.


Eliminate Blind Spots with a Spherical Radar System

The spherical radar system perceives obstacles and surroundings in all environments, weather conditions, and viewing angles, regardless of dust and light interference.

Automatic obstacle avoidance and adaptive flight functions help ensure safety during operation.

Ultrabright Screen Ultimate Control

An updated remote controller supports stable image transmission from up to 5 km away, 67% more than the previous generation.

A bright 5.5-inch screen delivers clear visuals, even in harsh lighting conditions.

For increased productivity, one remote controller can operate multiple drones at once.

The optional RTK high-precision positioning module enables centimeter-level operation planning.

Additional enhancements include stronger signaling, anti-interference, and operational stability. The new DJI Agriculture app provides a smooth user experience and more intuitive operation.

Lightweight and Convenient

A carbon fiber composite body keeps the Agras T10 both lightweight and strong.

It can also fold down by 70% for more convenient transportation.

The battery and tank can be quickly attached and detached to make refilling more efficient.