DJI Agras T30

DJI Agras T30

The flagship of agricultural drones

With a 30-liter spray tank, the DJI Agras T30 revolutionizes drone spraying. Its special design allows fruit trees to be sprayed more efficiently than ever before, and in combination with DJI’s digital solutions, the T30 contributes to reducing the use of fertilizers and increasing production.

  • Tank 30 Liters
  • 360 degree obstacle avoidance radar
  • Coverage: 40 acres / hour
  • Spray width: 9 meters
  • Dual navigation camera
  • RTK Mode

Branch to Target Technology.

With revolutionary branch-targeting technology and adjustable arms, the Agras T30 penetrates thick canopies with oblique spraying, ensuring an even application of liquid pesticides and doubling the number of droplets.

With the help of the Smart Agriculture Cloud Platform and cloud-based mapping, users can manage a 3D digital orchard, making it easy to get started with digital agriculture.

16 spray nozzles provide extensive coverage with even distribution, strong penetration, and exceptional drift prevention.

A 16-nozzle layout further improves droplet penetration.

Eight sets of solenoid valves enable independent variable frequency control and spraying in turn.

The horizontally opposed six-cylinder double plunger pump design provides strong spraying power and a high flow rate of up to 8 liters per minute.

Eliminate Blind Spots with a Spherical Radar System

The spherical radar system perceives obstacles and surroundings in all environments, weather conditions, and viewing angles, regardless of dust and light interference.

Automatic obstacle avoidance and adaptive flight functions help ensure safety during operation.

Ultrabright Screen Ultimate Control

An updated remote controller supports stable image transmission from up to 5 km away, 67% more than the previous generation.

A bright 5.5-inch screen delivers clear visuals , even in harsh lighting conditions. For increased productivity, one remote controller can operate multiple drones at once.

The standard RTK high-precision positioning module implements centimeter-level operation planning.

Additional enhancements include stronger signaling, anti-interference, and operational stability. The new DJI Agriculture app provides a smooth user experience and more intuitive operation.

40 Acres per Hour

Equipped with a large 30kg spray tank, the Agras T30 has a spray width of 9 meters, and field spraying efficiency of 40 acres/hour, 33.3% more than its previous generation.